My name is Gregory Saunders and I’m the IT guy sitting at the keyboard of Let me first tell you a little about my personal life. I am first and foremost a devoted husband to my beautiful wife Kelly and and a devoted father to my precious daughter Kayleigh! I am currently 39 years old currently going on 29, at least that is what I like to tell myself. My family and I live in the beautiful state of Virginia, nicely nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Although my first name is Gregory I usually go by Greg, unless I am in trouble with the wife! But I could also go by geek, gadget boy, gamer, hoss, hey you, and pookie. Ok, not pookie, just checking to see if you are listening. I would have to say outside of my family I spend most of my time in the Information Technology world.

I have been in the IT (Information Technology) industry since I was 16 and I have loved almost every minute of it. I believe my passion stems from the fact that I love to serve others and help others achieve what they could not achieve on their own. Take my passion to serve and my passion for Information Technology and you end up with myITAnalyst.

Is there one single area of the Information Technology world in which I specialize? Not really, but I would say my expertise leans towards Software Development, Networking, and Consulting. As an IT Analyst I where many different hats throughout the day. One moment I could be diagnosing a failing network, the next moment I could be developing an application, and the next moment I could be help laying out a technology plan to support a company’s business plan. While serving in the ever changing IT landscape I am sure to never find myself bored. And if I do, I simply need to wait a few minutes and something new will pop up for me to experience.

Currently I provide IT services for a top 200 construction company, several prominent accounting firms, a legal firm, and a variety of other small businesses. Some of the small businesses I serve I have been with almost 20 years. They are more like family than clients and I have enjoyed serving them over the years. I also love to share experiences with fellow IT consultants and to help each other serve the community the best we can.

Outside of the IT world and outside of family I find myself constantly learning and developing my skill set… and yes my gaming skills. Didn’t you know all self respecting IT guru is a gamer at heart. Although I don’t have much time for it I certainly shock the teenagers when they find out a 39 year old whipped their butt in Halo 2 or Call of Duty 2/3. And yes, it brings a smile to my face when that happens.

As my blog grows I hope you will find some useful information and look forward to your feedback as well.

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